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for solo piano

Duration: 7 min.

Premiere: 2009, Cadogan Hall, Antoine Françoise

Awarded the "Clive Christian Sound of Perfume Award"

Legends claim that jasmin was the principal ingredient in queen Cleopatra's perfumes. Here is the fictional story I have imagined as a programatic guide for this composition: "The Mediterranean Sea... Mark Anthony the conqueror and his mighty army are sailing south. His mind is cold, his heart hungry for battle. The breeze of the South brings strange scents from the mysterious Egypt. Scents that stir his mind and cool his heart... He knows that this journey will bring him victory in military ambition but he will ultimately be defeated by his senses."

Vlad Maistorovici

VIDEO: Dario Bonuccelli with visuals by Cristian Luchian at the Sibiu Hermannstadt International Music Festival Amadeus

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Moritz Ernst, piano
Other works by: Diana Rotaru, Johannes K. Hildebrandt, Miklós Maros, Gabriel Mălăncioiu, Carmen Cârneci, Gabriel Iranyi, Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Peter Koeszeghy
Stan music, 2014

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