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a.k.a. Vis cu vampiri ii

version for symphony orchestra of

R.E:M!X (a.k.a. Vis cu vampiri)


Orchestration: 2(dbl.picc.),A-Fl.,2,C.A.,2,B-cl.,2,C-bs.;3,2,Picc.Tp.,3,0;Timp.,3Perc.,P-no.,Hp.;strings

Duration: 7 minutes

Subtitled 'Vis cu vampiri' (literal translation 'Dream with vampires'), the piece is an ironic commentary with dadaist twists upon the contemporary pseudo-mythology of the vampire. Much like the historical prince and Romanian legends which were the basis of the fabrication of Dracula, the musical material is "remix"-ed beyond recognition (a clue for the keen musical detective: it's an iconic Romanian folk song from Transylvania). Bits of the distorted folk song clash with club rhythms and text fragments from Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' and Cicero's 'De finibus dolorum et malorum'.

Vlad Maistorovici

R.E:M!X/XL: Product
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