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“classic songs, superbly arranged by Maistorovici”

Wales Arts Review

“A genius mix of pop rhythms and classical sonorities. Quality entertainment matched by top class musicianship.”

Zofinger Tagblatt

“As bandleader, Maistorovici was cutting a kind of Stephane-Grappelli-meets-Brian-May figure.”

Wales Arts Review

“fascinatingly circuitous routes from noise to almost-tonal “normality” and back again.”

The Daily Telegraph

”Indeed, the evening turned out to be impeccably classy”

Wales Arts Review

QUEENClassics by Vlad Maistorovici: Compositions
QUEENClassics by Vlad Maistorovici: Videos

Ensembles and artists

Sinfonia Cymru Cardiff, Bucharest Symphony Orchestra, Filarmonica Ploiesti, The Mercury Quartet, Diana Ionescu, Dario Bonuccelli, Antoine Françoise, Robin Green, Harry Cameron Penny, Jernej Albrecht, Christian Elliot, Corentin Chassard, Colin Alexander, Pau Codina, Max Ruisi, Daniel Palmizio, Laurence Ungless, Julia Kocis, Ferenc Aron

QUEENClassics by Vlad Maistorovici: Compositions
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