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for 8 solo instruments


Rec., Sax.; H-ch., P-no, Guit., V-lin, V-la, Cello; Voice

Duration: 9 minutes

Premiere: 2007, Amarilys Flemming Concert Hall, RCM New Perspectives, conductor: Graham Ross

Alluding to romanticised descriptions of harem life at the Ottoman court, this piece is an evocation of the trance induced by dancing until exhaustion. The music accumulates tension starting from the strangely sensual melodies of the beginning to the violent rhythms at the end.

Vlad Maistorovici

VIDEO bellow: Vlad Maistorovici conducts the S/HIMF Contemporary Ensemble at the Sibiu Hermannstadt International Music Festival Amadeus 2014

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AUDIO: Royal College of Music New Perspectives Ensemble conducted by Graham Ross at the RCM Amarilys Flemming Concert Hall London 2007

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