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for piano four-hands

Commission: The Françoise-Green Piano Duo, "The Viennese Salon" 2016 residency at St. John's Smith Square

Duration: 10 minutes

Premiere: January 2016, St. John's Smith Square, London, Antoine Françoise & Robin Green

Imago for piano four-hands is a poetic meditation on creativity. The title refers to the concept of a primordial model projected in the whole universe, but the piece is inspired by multiple cosmological archetypes and transhumanism. The backbone of the piece is a chorale setting of a modal chant-like melody. Acting as a cantus firmus throughout the piece, it is in constant counterpoint with a second force that is sometimes untamed, sometimes machine-like. However, the two performers are never two characters, but polarised forces of one singularity.

Imago: Product
Imago: HTML Embed

AUDIO: the Francoise-Green Piano Duo rehearsal fragment

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