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for violin/viola & chamber orchestra

Commission: Sinfonia Cymru as part Queen Concertante, performed as The Freddie Mercury Project

Duration: 5 minutes

Premiere: June 2016, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Sinfonia Cymru, conductor/soloist Vlad Maistorovici

Orchestra:1.,B-Fl.,1.,Eb Cl.,B-Cl.,C-Bs.;2,1,0,0;2Perc.,Hp.,4Vlins,2Vlas,2Cellos,2D.B.

I composed Icarus Study to be performed as part of QUEENConcertante, a set of original arrangements of songs by Queen for violin/viola, clarinet, piano and chamber ensemble of 23, commissioned by Sinfonia Cymru Cardiff. 'Impromptu' was the generic title to the improvised instrumentals and guitar solos in the bands stadium shows. The piece is performed right in the middle of the playlist (no. 8 out of 15), as an avant-garde tribute, a musical black hole framed by pop jewels. Like the arrangements, it can be performed without conductor, directed from the violin/viola.

Vlad Maistorovici

Icarus Study: Impromptu Concertant: Product

AUDIO: Sinfonia Cymru & Vlad Maistorovici, extract

Icarus Study: Impromptu Concertant: HTML Embed
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