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for viola & piano

Commission: Yuko Shimizu-Amoyal

Duration: 10 minutes

Premiere: 15 May 2010, Grande Salle de Conservatoire de Lausanne, Yuko Shimizu-Amoyal/Mark Pantillon

Inspired by the delay-powered stadium cadenzas performed by guitarist Brian May, this work is based on canons that change density to create the illusion of transforming space. Thus, in seven abstract episodes, the melody starts from a "unidimentional" space in slow expansion, passing through "large closed" spaces, "open unstable" spaces, "curved" spacetime, "pulverised" spaces, "compact" spaces, to return to unidimensionality at the end. The piece is a tour de force of virtuosity both for the viola and for the piano, with allusions to electric guitar sonorities.

VIDEO: Vlad Maistorovici & Dario Bonuccelli with visuals by Cristian Luchian at the Sibiu Hermannstadt International Music Festival Amadeus

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AUDIO right: Daniel Palmizio & Antoine Françoise at the Romanian Institute London

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